And So It Begins

After many years in the making, Dave and I have finally pulled the trigger on our epic retirement adventure, albeit a few years earlier than expected. So, taking life’s twists and turns as they come has brought us to this point. Retirement!! Now what!!??

The first stop on the journey – or maybe the first gate to clear – was selling our home in Atlanta and moving to our home in Sarasota. As of this writing, we are in the process of clearing the Florida house of its furnishings to make way for our Atlanta belongings, and of course the agonizing / liberating process of purging. Every day, sometimes by the hour, we realize there’s something we can’t part with but don’t have a place for in Florida. One example is Dave’s father’s baseball memorabilia from when he played professional ball with the Red Sox. But we are not deterred and are keeping our eye on the prize.

I still have two weeks of work so I’ll be dividing my thoughts between that, the move, getting healthcare, renewing our life insurance plans, and finalizing a travel itinerary that will unfold on this very spot. In the coming weeks I will answer some of the questions I hear frequently from friends and family… “How did you do it, and how can I do it??”. I want to help anyone who’s contemplating a traveling retirement, and pass along suggestions as we go in hopes it will help a future road warrior retiree (or anyone who just really likes to travel).

Until next time!

Steph, March 23, 2018


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