Operation Downsize

I type this while sitting at SRQ waiting to board what will be our last flight to Atlanta for awhile… we will be making our next trip to Venice by car, and we brought our Venice garage door opener home as our reality check that this is actually happening.

This weekend was frenetic, but fun as we began the first phase of our relocation: clearing the Florida House. We made arrangements to have a consignment company collect nearly everything from the house to clear the decks for our Atlanta stuff. I won’t get into the gory details, but let’s just say the consignment folks were less than organized, and ended up only taking 60% of the stuff they committed to take. After a few calls we secured a U-Haul and were able to get the balance of the furniture to Goodwill this morning, and Junk King hauled our mattresses away for a small fortune.

It was an exhausting weekend but we are excited about the Florida house being ready for our move in 2 weeks! And we ended the day catching our breath (and a pint) at a favorite waterside pub in Englewood before heading to the airport.

The next two weeks I’ll be winding down my time at work and we will start the process of packing the Atlanta house and making numerous trips to Goodwill as we take the next step in Operation Downsize.

Until next time!