Operation Downsize, part 2

Lawd what a busy, exhausting day…. again! Retiring/downsizing is not for the timid. Today we spent a long, sweaty and dusty day purging everything from the Atlanta house that we do not want to unpack in Florida. I thought we might load 10 large trash bags but I underestimated…. we stopped for the day and with 15 bags and we still have a lot to purge. We filled two car loads of stuff for Goodwill, and have a mountain of items that Jenna and Lisa will be taking back to Virginia to either adopt, sell, or donate.

I can’t believe how hard it is to let go of things that haven’t even seen the light of day in 7 years! My family is going to cringe when they read this, but we had to make the excruciating decision to throw out 30+ old photo albums; I scanned the majority of the photos, so we will still have digital evidence of our prior lives. I had to pry Dave’s coat “system” from his arms to take to Goodwill… this is a coat/jacket set that has not left the closet for 7+ years yet he was loath to part with it. Regardless, someone else will be happy to have it, and it’s one less thing to unpack in Florida.

Next week is our last weekend in Atlanta! We are trying to figure out how to eat at all our favorite places before we go and still cook all of the Blue Apron meals we have in the fridge… I’m voting for favorite restaurants over Blue Apron in case you’re wondering… On the list of restaurants is Kyma, Antico, Holeman & Finch (that burger!) &  Kiosco. We’ve got reservations for Gun Show & Miller Union already, so if we don’t get to our favorites in the next 10 days, we will just have to make plans to come back. And, now that Jenna will be working in Atlanta (in my current office, no less!), there’s lots of incentive to return!

This time next week, Jenna’s U-Haul will be loaded and we’ll be sitting around wondering how to entertain ourselves without TV or Internet. I think we’ll survive… I see some Card Against Humanity in our future.

Until next time –