Almost M-Day!

The girls have been gone a few hours, the packing crew just left, and we’re sitting around trying to get motivated to do some final cleaning in the Atlanta house. We decided to sit down with a cold beer and realized the packers packed all our bottle openers so we had to dig around in the trash until we found a tool that would work, so crisis averted. Tomorrow is moving day; once the movers load the truck and set off, we will go to CarMax to sell one of our vehicles, turn in our Xfinity equipment and head south!

We’re determined to make this a road-trip so instead of driving straight through we plan to stop in either Valdosta, GA or Gainesville, FL – whichever we’re closest to at 7:00 PM. Tuesday we’ll start fresh after breakfast and arrive HOME in Venice around 2:00PM! The moving truck should arrive Weds. or Thursday so that gives us time to run errands and start some projects.

First priority will be to get the kitchen and bathrooms renovated in the new house. They’re fine for renters, but if we’re going to be living there for a couple months, we need to spruce things up. Plus, we will have our very first visitors in May and want to make a good first impression! Excited to see Missy and Lisa and hoping we can convince them to move to Venice 🙂

I’m excited to start feeling retired… no alarm clocks or conference calls! We’re planning on lots of time at the beach before we start our travel adventures in July. Now that Jenna and Lisa are moving to Atlanta, we expect to make a quick return in May/June to help them get settled, and hopefully catch up with friends that we missed before leaving town. We’re also hoping to make a quick trip to the DC area before July to see some of our travel buddies (Sean, Joey, Dawn, & Julie). We won’t be able to wait until August to see them in Munich!

Until Next Time…


So long, Atlanta house! We will miss you…