Adventures in Unpacking

Yesterday’s move finally came and went, and we collapsed in to our bed at midnight with sore backs, sore feet, sore everything. I don’t know what specifically made this move feel so laborious… maybe it was trying to cram big-house stuff in to a small house, maybe we’re getting old(er) or perhaps it’s both. Regardless, I don’t know the last time I felt quite so whipped.

Yesterday’s unpacking was something of an odyssey. One of the movers, who ventured toward the creepy, shunned the room labels on the boxes and just dropped them all in our lanai and kitchen, which made our unpacking process longer and considerably more frustrating than it probably needed to be. Although nice enough, between his long stares in my direction, and his confession of abandonment issues to Dave, we were glad when his work was done and he headed down the road.

Our driver, who loaded our house in Atlanta and unloaded in Venice, was lovely, until he ripped out the gate at the entrance of the community upon his exit, not bothering to slow his roll despite being chased down the road by the community board president and treasurer. Thankfully Dave’s parents were well liked in this neighborhood so after a few minutes of chest beating and arm waving, the neighbors settled down. Dave and I know this is the most excitement they’ve had all year – and we know we’ll be the “ones who messed up the gate” for months. Welcome to the neighborhood!

During the unpacking process I experienced a variety of emotions. I started out excited to be on the last leg of this journey. However, after hours of unwrapping and not seeing the sea of boxes diminish, I felt something akin to rage when I came upon a box of soft drinks and seltzer, each individually wrapped and taped. I knew at that moment the packer hated me and quite frankly, the feeling was mutual. Then I unwrap a single pair of chopsticks & a wet towel still hanging from its hook, and I really wondered what kind of people I was dealing with. Are these packers diabolically evil or having some fun at my expense?? The coup de grace was the individually wrapped gift bag (yes! a WRAPPED GIFT BAG! “Wrap” your mind around it if you can!). These packers were not evil, just committed to completing their assignment, no matter how pointless it may seem. I could never do that job – my customers would arrive to their new home with far less than they left with as I judged their clutter as unworthy of the journey. Cheers to you, packers! Thank you for packing all my silly nonsense so that my arrival in my new home feels as familiar and cluttered as ever – just how I like it.

Until Next Time –



  1. Sounds like overall, a good team of movers. Deep down the neighbors prob enjoyed some excitement. Is it a retirement community? You guys may be the “Youngsters” one more time. LOL

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