Our Travel Style

Travel styles are like political opinions…no two people have exactly the same idea of what makes something good.

Dave and I absolutely love to travel and happily agree on taking a slow approach, preferring quality of visit over quantity of destinations. This approach isn’t for everyone but it’s what works best for us.

Since 2018, we have been traveling 6-8 months a year (2020 excluded). Being able to unpack for a week or more is a luxury when you’ve been living out of a travel bag for weeks on end. Plus, when you stop in one place for a week or more you feel less pressure to rush…you can actually take a day off from site-seeing, and trust me, we relish those days!

We describe our site seeing style as “cafe-crawling +”. We typically pick one outing for the day (maybe more if they are close together) and café-crawl our way to our outing. We might walk 5-10 miles a day, which helps work off some cafe calories!

We don’t like most museums but we LOVE some. Architecture is a draw for us, and the older the better. I really dig a good UNESCO village. Mainly, we just want to absorb the culture, watch people, and sample great local food.

We aren’t clubbers or night owls; we like to day drink, eat early and sleep in. If we get out of the hotel/apartment by 1:00 PM we are pretty pleased with ourselves. We love good food and secret places so we will hunt down the local haunts.

If this sounds like your kind of travel, you will enjoy our itineraries. If you like to move at a different pace, I hope you get inspiration from what you read!

Happy Travels – Stephany & Dave